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Red Ants

What’s your take on post-processed images? Admittedly (and I don’t deny it), I do it too, usually using Picasa. I make the colours more vibrant, then straighten and crop as needed. After acquiring my digital camera I realised that even in the best lighting conditions I am not quite satisfied with the slight washed-out quality of my pictures… and then Picasa came along, and it made everything easy-peasy.

Recent conversations and experiences made me feel defeated as some people / purists may consider post-processing ‘cheating.’ It is subjective opinion really, but from time to time I do feel that some people scoff at my images because it’s not real camera work.

At the end of the day I try to convince myself that in the real world, the end result is more important. You chose to go digital for a reason and editing is part of the digital photography process. I don’t want to take this too seriously or impose certain rules for myself.