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Little Things

Two of my food pictures were published this month. My Cotoletta Alla Milanese photo is included in the “Milan, A Surprise River City” feature in the San Pellegrino website. Another image taken from our office goose party a year ago is in Sky Europe’s in-flight magazine (I haven’t seen this on print and I couldn’t find the feature in their website).

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Today I slipped on a rain puddle, hit my foot, and my shoe flew and got run over by the tram. I had to hobble to Tesco (wearing the torn-up shoe) and buy slippers. After the ordeal I almost passed out in church, it was the first time that I felt this way I think. I was feeling very warm and I couldn’t breath and my vision had blurred. It probably is my body’s way of coping with the physical trauma. It turned out to be a fifth metatarsal fracture.

edit: I’d like to thank Doc Remo who willingly answered my email questions!


Kiong hee

Currently on work assignment. It was my first time to fly alone, the four flights (yes the company wants to save money that way) lasted around thirty hours, spanning three different time zones. It was tiring and disorienting to say the least. I’ve had a lot of misfortunes in the past week; postponed flights, switching to a less preferred airline, a delayed flight, an almost missed flight, getting lost in a massive German airport, rude airline crew, uncredited frequent flyer miles on ALL tiers, confiscated 55-dollar perfume, crashing laptops, missing my family, 2°C weather, internet-less apartment life, almost zero culinary skills.

Of course everything isn’t doom and gloom. I should stop whining and put these behind me now. Til here, you have a good one.

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Sweet November

November has been incredibly good too me. For the longest time I have been feeling like a rotten person / daughter / employee / friend / relative / sister (and so on), that looking back at my good fortune these past few weeks I feel like I don’t deserve any of these things.

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I started having cloudy vision early last night, while still at the office. It’s such a horrible feeling because you feel like you’re going blind. I was trying to read from my computer and the blurriness made me feel so nauseous. Apparently it was yet another migraine attack, which I thought I already outgrew around six years ago. Fifteen hours later I still feel woozy. I hope it really is just a migraine attack.

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I still have a backlog of pictures I’ve been meaning to post here. However I haven’t been motivated enough to sort through my files and write the accompanying text, tags, html code. The internet has changed my habits and shortened my attention span so much so that I cannot even sit through a 90-minute movie or finish my ever-growing reading list.
I’ll try this once more.

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Paris, je t’aime – 14e arrondissement

…And i found a very pretty park
I sat down on a bench and ate the sandwich i bought
it was very tasty
and then something happened.
Something that is hard to describe
Sitting there, alone in a foreign country,
far from my job and all the people i know
a feeling came over me
as if i recalled something.
Something i have never known
and for which i have been waiting.
But i didnt know what it was
Maybe it was something i had forgotten
or something i had missed my whole life.
I can only tell you
that at the same time i felt
joy and sadness.
But not a great sadness
because i felt alive.
That was the moment when i fell in love with Paris
and the moment i felt Paris has fallen in love with me.

I am not in France, let alone Paris, but I share the same feeling as Carol (Margo Martindale). There is something exhilarating about being transplanted in another place, albeit temporarily. There is an unexplainable mix of joy and sadness, of being an outsider, and an insider at the same time. Everything looks beautiful and new; your senses are suddenly awakened and you relish each and every mundane experience– biting into a juicy peach, successfully ordering your food in the vernacular, vain but funny attempts to communicate with random strangers… I could go on and on.

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My Two Cents

I can’t begin to imagine how painful it is for the affected people right now.  I can’t understand where the deep hate is coming from. Surely it mustn’t be that bad– look at the world, a lot of people are worst off. The company has provided you a lot of opportunities too. Admittedly there are problems in the system and that has been evident in the number of resignations. But it’s unfair that all the burden and the blame is on one person.

It’s simple, really. If gets so bad that you can’t stand it– leave, move on, be happy in another place. If you can’t stand it and you’re still here, making anonymous cheap shots because “it’s all you can do”, then what does that make you? You have the power to get yourself out of the hellhole that is your working life, unless your cowardice or ineptitude prevents you from doing so.

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Midsummer nights

Back in this ‘seemingly obscure’ country in Central Europe. A lot of people may not have heard of it but it’s rather lovely.

Last night, I jogged two laps and skimmed stones by the lake… at least I tried to, I wasn’t very good at it. We had a good laugh over that. Soaked in warm peach-raspberry scented water, while having a cup of cherry yogurt. I haven’t had the chance enjoy these cheap thrills in a long while.

It doesn’t get dark until after 9p.m. This is something new to me, and I’m thrilled about it. The days are seemingly long, and you get to do more things while the sun is up.