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Croque Madame at Café de la Mairie

The Église Saint-Sulpice was our first stop in Paris. It was a Sunday morning, we heard mass and briefly stayed for the organ concerto. It was past noon when we finished, and we were starving. We walked around the Saint-Sulpice area looking for a place to eat, but most restaurants are either closed or above our price range. We finally settled for Café de la Mairie, which is just outside the church.

I like simple things, simple food. In this post I shall rave about a fairly simple sandwich called the croque madame. A croque madame is basically a grilled ham and (gruyere) cheese sandwich with béchamel sauce topped with a glistening fried egg; without the egg it’s called a croque monsieur. It’s a simple meal but it made for a wonderful food memory; the crunch of the toasted gruyere with every bite, the sauce and the yolk running through the sandwich– it was delicious.
Croque Madam
I did a quick google search and found out that the café uses the famous Poilâne bread for this dish, however in mine they used American white bread. I suppose they ran out of country bread. I honestly preferred the softer bread, as I still have scratches on the roof of my mouth from my hard sandwich the night before. I would love to have a croque madame again and I will be in search of a good one in Manila, or perhaps make one myself.

Angela’s chocolat chaud (hot chocolate) and my café crème
chocolate chaud and cafe creme


We shared a salad

Angela’s three-egg omelette
three egg omelette

Café de la Mairie
Place Saint-Sulpice
Paris, France 75006

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