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Date archives December 2008


La Vita e Bella.

While walking at the Castello Sforzesco grounds in Milan, I saw a blind man and his friend. They walk arm in arm as the sighted friend describes the castle in detail, in lovely soft Italian. I thought those things just happen in movies. The vision was so beautiful and moving, it just made the trip for me.

Count your blessings.
May you be blessed with health, wholeness, life and love this coming year.


Da, Da, Da

From Central Europe, I find myself in Central Asia. Post-communist, cold, and unfamiliar– there are no English signs and hardly any English speakers at all. Yet, I welcome this brief change and new experience.
Lonely Planet describes it as one of the world’s last few unknowns. When one mentions this nation, Borat immediately comes to mind. It’s quite an insult, people here don’t look and act like Borat at all.
It’s getting late so my note ends here, dosvidania for now.