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Red Ants

What’s your take on post-processed images? Admittedly (and I don’t deny it), I do it too, usually using Picasa. I make the colours more vibrant, then straighten and crop as needed. After acquiring my digital camera I realised that even in the best lighting conditions I am not quite satisfied with the slight washed-out quality of my pictures… and then Picasa came along, and it made everything easy-peasy.

Recent conversations and experiences made me feel defeated as some people / purists may consider post-processing ‘cheating.’ It is subjective opinion really, but from time to time I do feel that some people scoff at my images because it’s not real camera work.

At the end of the day I try to convince myself that in the real world, the end result is more important. You chose to go digital for a reason and editing is part of the digital photography process. I don’t want to take this too seriously or impose certain rules for myself.

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  1. ianclarito

    para sa akin, yung importante lang naman is maganda ang results. hindi magmatter kung me enhancements na ginawa. yun e kung sa pictures ang pinag-uusapan. πŸ˜€

    mag-aaral muna ako ng post-processing. sa ngayon, kapag nagawa kong sepia yung nakuha kong shots ko e ayos na.

  2. m

    it doesn’t matter. taking photos is a personal thing. it’s about how you feel about results. tools are there to make great pictures look magnificent. a bad picture CAN NEVER be altered to look great, so it still boils down to the photographer’s skill.

  3. estan

    smack the person. these people are shortsighted and doesn’t appreciate your talent. they don’t realize that the camera is just a tool.

    as for postprocessing, the so called purists don’t often get it. the image by the artist should conform to his/her view/vision. also, they don’t realize it that the old masters postprocessed their images in the darkroom before the invention of photoshop.

  4. Ade

    It really depends. there are pictures so beautiful doctoring them would be cheapening it, and some pictures do need a little more work. But bad pictures, no matter how much editing you put in it, can never work.

    I vote smack. I have a Powershot. πŸ™


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