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Why switch from Google Analytics to TWIPLA today

Here's Six Good Reasons.

Introducing TWIPLA

Our Powerful, Feature-Packed Google Analytics Alternative.

TWIPLA is an advanced Google Analytics alternative, with a wide range of website intelligence features that leaves GA4 in the dust. We're also far more customizable and regularly roll out innovative tools that keep our platform on the cutting edge of what's possible.

We're privacy-perfect. While Google Analytics is often banned in many European countries because their data practices violate GDPR, TWIPLA meets all privacy laws by default. This removes compliance responsibilities and keeps your website visitors safe.

A cookieless tracking system also enables TWIPLA to collect more data than GA4, and provide far more accurate insights. And thanks to our integrated data importer, it's easy to switch. So read on and discover what else makes us a better Google Analytics alternative.

Use TWIPLA to Verify GA Insights

Don't Want to Switch From Google Analytics Completely?

Our consentless analytics reveals huge quantities of site data that is invisible to Google. The data is more accurate, with no thresholds. There's also no batching; our metrics update in real time, removing the frustrating 48-hour delay that characterizes GA4 reports.

So sign up to TWIPLA for less than the price of the cookie banner you need to legally use GA4. Leverage us as a helpful confirmation tool. Identify errors or other issues that Google Analytics will be missing. Verify your GA insights and then make better decisions.

Why Choose TWIPLA Over GA4?

Reason #1

We Have More Features.

While GA4 offers more features than Universal Analytics, it still can't match TWIPLA. We have both Session Recordings and Heatmaps, two vital behavior analytics features not natively available from GA4, and which are essential for optimizing website design and UX.

Our Event Tracking and Conversion Funnels offer more detail and customization potential than their tools, meaning webmasters get deeper insights into user behavior and journey optimization. Simply put, this equips them with more actionable data to base work on.

TWIPLA is also a great Google Analytics alternative because we offer Visitor Communication. This enables businesses to collect feedback and qualitative data. And as a result, our users can directly confirm insights with their customers in a way that's not possible with GA4.

Reason #2

We're Easier to Use.

Google is known for clunky software and GA4 is no different. It's complicated, even for Universal Analytics experts. Many popular tools and reports have vanished. The API is also much less intuitive, and people complain about the steep learning curve involved.

Its focus on events has also created an alien new vocabulary around dimensions and engaged sessions. This has opened up another skill gap for even experienced marketers, and the limited availability of certain metrics restricts the depth of data analysis and reporting.

By contrast, we use well-known metrics like bounce rate, pages per session and pagevisits. TWIPLA has also been designed to be as user-friendly as possible. And unlike Google's automated service, TWIPLA has a responsive - and human - customer support team.

Reason #3

We're More Flexible.

Many users find that GA4 lacks the customization options that were previously available in Universal Analytics. Google is also sluggish introducing new tools, lacking responsiveness to both specific user feedback and market demands. Put simply, they're slow to change.

By contrast, TWIPLA is highly flexible and we take user requests on board. From Custom Dashboards and Event Tracking to the many intuitive filtering and segmentation options, we've made it easy for users to calibrate functionality and reporting to business needs.

We're also constantly rolling out new features that adapt TWIPLA to the ever-evolving digital ecosystem. This commitment to continuous innovation ensures that our clients stay ahead of the analytics game. It makes us a responsive, future-proof Google Analytics alternative.

Reason #4

We Don't Use First-Party Cookies.

GA4 has ditched the tracking cookies used in Universal Analytics. But it still uses first-party cookies and these worry internet users who are increasingly wary of online tracking. They're intrusive, and can cause businesses to loss credibility in the eyes of their visitors.

Businesses that use GA4 face legal challenges. Data protection regulations like GDPR and CCPA place real restrictions on cookie usage, meaning that they need to obtain explicit visitor consent for their analytics. This complicates site management and reduces UX.

By contrast, TWIPLA doesn't use first-party cookies. We don't use any cookies whatsoever. Instead, we're powered by a cookieless tracking system. And at default Maximum Privacy Mode, it can be used without visitor consent in compliance with all global laws.

Reason #5

We're Not Illegal.

In mid 2023, Google Analytics was illegal in Austria, France, Italy, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. It uses visitor IP address tracking, and the CJEU declared that Google's transfer of this insufficiently anonymized personal data outside of the EU broke GDPR rules.

A new EU-US Data Privacy Framework has removed this roadblock temporarily. But this treaty papers over the same flaws that brought down each previous transatlantic data transfer agreement, meaning that it's only a matter of time before history repeats itself once again.

By contrast, we aren't affected by the inadequate standards in the US, where the government can access data on request. Our data is fully anonymized. It also stays in Germany (mostly in Falkenstein), meaning our users don't worry about this international privacy saga.

Reason #6

We're Unblockable.

GA4 tracks visitors in-site. Modern browsers give users the ability to block these non-essential cookies, which they are increasingly likely to do in this data-conscious age. Privacy tools also control them, either by blocking tracking scripts or by managing cookie settings.

This disrupts the platform's data collection process. It can create large gaps in analytics and potentially skew the accuracy of insights, making GA4 a rather unreliable source for the critical intelligence that businesses need to inform their digital strategies and drive growth.

By contrast, TWIPLA is an almost unblockable Google Analytics alternative. Our platform collects passive user data that is critical for sites to function. And while some advanced tools can limit this tech, it's hard to block entirely without harming the browsing experience.

It's Easy to Switch from Google Analytics.

Intuitive Google Analytics Data Importer

Bring Your Historic Data Along.

Here at TWIPLA, we understand that continuity is important. This extends to historic website data analysis, which is what allows you to continue effectively comparing past website performance patterns with present day metrics - both today and long into the future.

This is why we have an integrated Google Analytics Data Importer. With just a few clicks, you can quickly transfer your historic website data directly into your new TWIPLA dashboard. This may take a couple of minutes to synchronize, but it's worth it in the long run.

So switch from Google Analytics today and experience a seamless transition to TWIPLA. Continue monitoring your traffic, engagement, and conversions from where you left off, and also fuel our analytics solution with the data it needs to provide actionable insights.