What to include in your privacy policy

TWIPLA – Sample for customer privacy policy

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What to include in your privacy policy (updated 16/09/2022, based on the new cookie-free tracking method).

We value our customers and their data protection compliance very much! Therefore, we have prepared a clause (see below) that you can include in your website privacy policy. The clause explains how TWIPLA is used!


We have created this template to assist our customers in complying with data protection requirements in relation to their privacy policies. Please note that applicable data protection laws and their interpretation vary locally and change from time to time. Therefore, this template may be or become too general or insufficient for your country/region/state.

We strongly recommend that you consult a specialized lawyer or law firm to review the respective texts, especially if you are not sure whether the template is sufficient with regard to the laws applicable to you or if you have additional questions. Also, remember that a legally watertight privacy policy can only be drafted by lawyers and must be tailored for each company and applicable laws. Please note that some laws may require consent for tracking and/or analytics tools, as well as information about data storage and the legal basis for processing. 


    TWIPLA is a simple website analytics service that measures traffic on our website and collects general information from our website visitors. We create statistics to improve the experience of our website visitors. We never use cookies for this purpose.

    As a website operator using TWIPLA to conduct reach measurement, depending on the level of data protection we have activated, we may process information about the device you are using and its characteristics, information about technical characteristics of the website visit, the number of page visits and statistically relevant behavior of our website visitors. The technology does not use the collected data to identify individual visitors or to match the data with additional information about an individual user.

    Depending on the location from which you access our website, TWIPLA may not collect any information about the device you are using due to our technical settings.