Visitor Communication

Collect Invaluable Insight From Visitors.

Two Powerful Visitor Communication Tools.

Our surveys and polls make it easy to collect and analyze feedback about your website.

<p>Customizable to Your Brand</p>

Customizable to Your Brand

<p>Granular Breakdown of Participant Details</p>

Granular Breakdown of Participant Details

<p>Detailed Analysis of Responses</p>

Detailed Analysis of Responses


Use In-Page Question Bubbles.

Polls can be integrated seamlessly into the user experience. Use them to capture real-time feedback that is related to what visitors are engaging with in real-time. Catch them when they're most likely to reply and then collect contextual, relevant visitor feedback.

So create a pop-up webpage poll with as many questions as needed. Decide exactly which pages it appears on, and also which ones it's hidden from. Then, analyze results. See granular statistics on question responses, poll completion and also participant details.


Embed the URL Link Anywhere.

Surveys with dedicated links provide cross-device compatibility and rich analytical potential. Embed the URL anywhere: e.g. emails, webpages, social media, campaigns. Use this visitor feedback format to motivate participant focus and then get the insights you need.

So generate a survey in a matter of seconds. Customize whether questions are displayed in bulk, or appear one at a time. Also include a progress bar so participants know how many questions are left, and redirect them to a page of your choice once they're finished.