Technical University of Munich

We Enabled TUM to Remove their Cookie Banner and Increase Data Capture by 400%

TWIPLA and TUM - Who Are They: The Technical University of Munich (TUM) is one of Germany’s leading universities. Established in 1868, it boasts a rich heritage and has since grown into a beacon for innovation and academic excellence. Today, it is the 37th-ranked university in the world (QS). It's home to 50,000 students and has a €1,770.3 million budget. And while its main campus remains in Munich, TUM also has three other sites across Germany. These are located in Garching, Weihenstephan (Freising) and Straubing. In addition, TUM also runs the Management Campus Heilbronn in Baden-Württemberg, Germany and TUM Asia in Singapore.

TWIPLA Showcase: How We're Helping TUM

TWIPLA and TUM Have Been Partners Since April 2023

“Without requiring consent, we now have access to the complete anonymous visitor data set. Compared to our previous solution, we have 400 percent more monthly visits to analyze, which allows us to make much more accurate strategic recommendations”,

- Norman Macha, Product Owner Web and Analytics, TUM

They's Enjoying the Following Benefits:

  • Thanks to the TWIPLA and TUM partnership, the university was able to remove their cookie consent banner that were a key legal requirement under EU privacy laws.
  • Without this element, the university immediately improved the user experience (UX) of their beautifully-designed website.
  • TUM's website is crucial to their success. In fact, 85% of new students apply to universities by stealth - without contacting the institution beforehand (Uniquest Research).
  • Without needing to obtain user consent to capture data, TUM suddenly had data on millions more of their website visitors
  • By collecting data on 400% more monthly visitors, the Technical University of Munich has been able to considerably enhance the accuracy of the website insights they unearth.
  • This additional data has enabled them to considerably enhance the effectiveness of their website optimization activities, and this undoubtedly influenced the 10% growth in new TUM student enrollment that they experienced in 2023.
  • TUM is ultimately responsible for creating a safe space for its 50,000+ students. Thanks to the TWIPLA and TUM partnership, the university has adopted privacy-first technology that helps to protect this global community of future leaders from harm.

TWIPLA and TUM: How All Our Users Benefit:

Custom Dashboards Created As Part of Partnership

This TWIPLA showcase has benefits for all our users. TUM asked for the dashboard to display custom report blocks, and we're always happy to develop features for clients. This tool is now live, and enables users to customize our platform to the requirements of their business. It gives them the following functionality:

  • Create any number of report panels from 43 default blocks.
  • Add, more, remove, or delete report blocks at will.
  • Activate any filter that is available for each block.
  • Name the custom dashboard for ease of reference.

Crucially, website owners can also control which contributors have access to each custom dashboard. This enables businesses to restrict access to sensitive website data, and to show employees, IT workers, clients, and agencies only what they want them to see. It speeds up collaborations, while enhancing data ownership.

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