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I tagged along in an engagement shoot and realised there are so so many things I need to learn, and I have to stop winging it especially in indoor scenes. I was reviewing the pictures after and most of the images have severely uneven lighting, and if I were a paying customer this should be unacceptable. The images could have been worse without the assistance from H who lent us most of the equipment and set up the flash. So many things to learn, I look forward to improvement in the days and weeks to come.

Food / Philippines

Chateau 1771

There are relatively pricey restaurants I wouldn’t mind spending my hard-earned money on, and Chateau 1771 is not one of them. The food is okay, nothing to write home about– but I have to admit that their plating is beautiful.

Coffee bean sansrival

dark chocolate ganache tart


steamed sandbass

angus ribeye

hunters chicken

Chateau 1771
Greenbelt 5,
Legaspi Village
Makati City, Philippines
Tel. (02)729-9760


This is my first post of the year, I’ve had this weblog since 2007 with a few entries here and there. I hope I won’t get lazy and post more from this day forward 🙂 If anyone is ever reading this, happy 2011 🙂

Food / Philippines

Mr. Jones food porn

Pictures taken on a few trips to Mr. Jones. Love the comfort food and generous servings. And they have the best chocolate malt milkshakes!

Fish and Chips

Buttermilk fried chicken with biscuits and potato puree

Double Eggs Benny. I love Eggs Benedict and sadly this is a bit disappointing, because it seems like the sauce is not freshly prepared hollandaise

Steak and eggs and rosemary potatoes

Tapa and Garlic overload. Tapsilog is my ultimate comfort food, and these tender strips of sirloin are the best I’ve ever had.

Challah french toast with Nutella and raspberry preserves, caramelised bananas, crispy bacon, whipped cream, and maple syrup.

Wicked Truffled Mac n Cheese. Four kinds of macaroni, canadian bacon, portobello mushroom, drizzled with truffle oil. The truffle oil made this dish taste so earthy.

Mr. Jones
Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center
Makati, Philippines
Phone 501 3111

Food / Philippines

Dinner at Cyma

Cyma is easily becoming one of my favourite restaurants, mostly because of the Roka Salata. I would come more often if I weren’t scrimping on food expenses as of late.

Service is great on a Saturday, I suppose it was not such a busy night. I had unpleasant experiences in the past with slow orders and inattentive waitstaff.

Saganaki (P200), served in a sizzling plate with herbed bread. Behold the waitstaff shouting OPA! as they serve this dish.

Roka Salata, family size (P680, more than enough for 4 people). Arugula, lettuce, sun-dried tomatoes, candied walnuts, and generous shavings of parmesan. It’s such well-balanced salad with the right amount of sweetness and tang. I cannot believe I didn’t discover this any sooner. I can eat it every day!

Moussaka (P250). Ground meat, eggplant, and Greek bechamel sauce.

Hirine Brizola (P450). 3/4 inch thick grilled pork chops with roasted potatoes. Juicy and cooked just right.

Chicken Souvlaki (P340). Grilled chicken skewers with spinach rice and pita.

Cyma Estiatorio
G/F Greenbelt 2
Ayala Center, Makati

Food / Philippines

Escolta at Manila Peninsula

My mom got us a Peninsula membership card and one of the benefits of being an early member is a free lunch/dinner for two at one of the hotel’s restaurants.

Lovely Old Manila interiors

different breads with tuna and liver pate. I wasn’t able to try the fruit spread.

Amuse bouche, two of each. Stuffed grapes and salmon rolls.

There’s a raw seafood bar where you can have as much oysters, lobster, mussels, and prawns as you want. We had these oysters steamed. I’ll dare to have it raw with lemon juice the next time. As an aside, Anthony Bourdain realised his love of food at 10 years old when he had his first taste of raw oysters in Arcachon, France.

generous servings of salmon sashimi and maki

From the salad bar: lettuce and arugula with pine nuts and parmesan cheese.

Heart attack on a plate. Pork belly.

At this point my belly is close to exploding. Lobster, pork humba, mussels, roast beef with red wine jus, potato gratin. The beef and gratin are delicious.

Final plate, desserts. Cheesecake, fruit, fondue, biko, purple yam, chocolate panna cotta. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to try the selection of artisanal ice cream because I was too full– I was particularly interested in the pink guava ice cream.

The food selection is not as large but it is still more than enough. There’s a cheese station, pasta, free coffee and tea. The chefs also can make risotto and noodles to order. I’ll go back again if budget allows it.

Manila Peninsula
Makati City, Philippines
(632) 887 2888 Ext. 6694

Food / Philippines


The most interesting meal I had in recent memory was shared with a friend at Ziggurat, a Middle Eastern / African Restaurant in Makati.

We started with beyin, or calf brains, with some kind of flatbread. It was the most interesting dish of the meal, to say the least. Aside from being ‘exotic,’ (hey, I don’t eat brains everyday) it has caused me a several agonising minutes in the crapper as soon as I reached home. Tummy problems aside, It was pretty tasty and I’d like to try it again sometime. I only hope my stomach can hold it better.

I loved the rest of our dishes as well– everything was new, flavors I don’t eat everyday. We had Persian green curry, which I really like better than the usual curry with the mustard tinge. The kufteh (minced meat) was incredibly juicy and had just the right amount of spice, not too strong. I wasn’t really a fan of the couscous, or most of non-asian starchy staples for that matter, such as the polenta in Italy or the dumplings in Central Europe. (Give me rice or noodles anytime!) I have also enjoyed the Ethiopian honey beer. I am, by no means a beer connoisseur, but the taste is sweet and light and not ‘gassy’ unlike the usual Filipino beer.

Any dining experience which bundles food and travel is a great experience to be had. On this night, we had a taste of Persia (Iran), Turkey, Morocco, Ethiopia… and there are plenty of more dishes and countries to discover in my future visits to Ziggurat.

Sunette Tower
Durban Street cor Makati Avenue
Makati City Philippines