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pique-nique au Champs de Mars

Eiffel at dusk

After spending the day at the shops, we head to the neighborhood Monoprix and bought a few things for dinner. We decided to spend the rest of the evening at the Eiffel Tower grounds, at the Champs de Mars.

Our little spread.

picnic at Champs de Mars

It was such a fine evening, and I’m glad I took a few nice pictures at least.
Below is my favorite photo of the Eiffel; it actually gets more crowded as you get closer to the tower. People sat and lay on the grass, chatting, having picnics and drinks, celebrating birthdays, singing, cuddling, making music. A tall steel tower with twinkling lights, the sound of French chatter and pleasant, happy people all around, Dutch cheese and balsamique crisps, the cool grass and the neatly trimmed hedges, and an evening much warmer than the one prior. I am reminded of why I decided to come to this place.

Eiffel Tower from Champs de Mars
picnic at Champs de Mars 

France / Writing


After Giverny, we are back in Paris and didn’t have anything planned for the evening. Decided to people-watch and have a little picnic at Champs de Mars, the large open field stretching from the Eiffel Tower grounds all the way to École Militaire. It used to be the marching grounds of the officers from the famed military school.

Well, no wide shots from my camera, I was too lazy to change lenses. Regretting it now.
Champs de Mars
Eiffel Tower

The queue to go up the tower! No thanks.
You may actually reserve for slots online, and I tried to one week before the trip. Unfortunately even with a few days lead time most daytime and early evening slots were already filled, and we didn’t want to go late in the evening.
the line to the Eiffel Tower

Cheap sandwiches from the supermarket, and a Hoegaarden s’il vous plait.
Champs de Mars picnic
I ended up not liking most of the pictures, my hands are shaky and I failed to capture the blinking lights. This is Angela, we are heading home, walking to the École Militaire metro station.
Eiffel Tower at dusk

France / Writing

“The dream journey of my twenties”

“We have so many personal reasons to travel, and it’s never completely the same every time. Who you’re traveling for, how their reaction will be like to a certain experience, sharing happiness. What you’re traveling for, hoping that the journey will change you, so that upon your return, it’s easier to face whatever you’re running away from. To travel further than anywhere you’ve been to, not just in terms of foreign places, but also the interior of your own beating heart. To know what’s missing from you, what you need to learn, what you are capable of, what you want to do, to be humbled again, to feel awake. Too many reasons, and they’re all compelling.”
— P.H.