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60+ Software Awards Since 2019.

2023's Website Analytics Awards.

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2022's Website Analytics Awards.

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2021's Website Analytics Awards.

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2020's Website Analytics Awards.

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Awards from G2 and SoftwareSuggest:

2019's Website Analytics Awards.

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Reviews on Capterra:

TWIPLA has a 4.7/5 rating on Capterra
Great piece of analytics software!

I love how easy it is to access information quickly on the main page. It's also very well laid out for the user and...

TWIPLA reviews - Capterra - Amber N.
Amber N.User on WiX
Amazing and easy layout of what is going on

WOW WOW WOW, I am using both Google analytics and TWIPLA, but because the Visitor analytics is so amazingly...

TWIPLA reviews - Capterra - Anelja N.
Anelja N.User on WiX
Simple but Powerful

I love the product. It's easy to use, it does the job, and its design is also beautiful. Also, the customer service...

TWIPLA reviews - Capterra - Justin H.
Justin H.User on WiX
It's a must have

Just knowing that people are visiting your website and [also] seeing that they are looking at pages on it is an...

TWIPLA reviews - Capterra - David B.
David B.User on Standalone

Reviews on Wix:

TWIPLA is the #1 analytics app on Wix, and also has a 4.6/5 user rating
Top app

Wow ... Undoubtedly an app to have for those who want to have a more professional site. Helps to understand the...

TWIPLA reviews - Wix - Leoteapproach
LeoteapproachUser on WiX
Excellent service and Apps

Easy to use and also very useful apps to monitor visitors and boost business. Great support as well. Highly...

TWIPLA reviews - Wix - ujugirlchild
ujugirlchildUser on WiX
Great app

Thanks for this app, loving the stats well done. will also upgrade soon.

TWIPLA reviews - Wix - digitallyforyou
digitallyforyouUser on WiX

It is great to have all the information at my fingertips. Simple and easy; [also] not complicated. Just what I...

TWIPLA reviews - Wix - Wdrury
WdruryUser on WiX

Reviews on Product Hunt:

TWIPLA has a 5/5 rating on Product Hunt
Very good alternative to Google Analytics

... when you want to view fast key information about your visitors in a ready made dashboard.

TWIPLA reviews - Product Hunt - Razvan
Razvan (CEO of Standalone
I love the easy layout and ease of access

I've only been using this app for a week but I already love it. It's super easy to use, laid out in a clean,...

TWIPLA reviews - Product Hunt - Ryan Furrow
Ryan FurrowUser of Standalone
Great interface and product!

Congrats and keep doing am amazing job!

TWIPLA reviews - Product Hunt - Patricia Borlovan
Patricia BorlovanUser of Standalone
Very neat and simple to use!

Even for a 60 year old like me. Good job!

TWIPLA reviews - Product Hunt - Artemon Jambeck
Artemon JambeckUser of Standalone

Reviews on G2:

TWIPLA has a 4.4/5 rating on G2
Great app for greater results on your blog or website

I really love the facility to understand to statistics! The environment is clear, precise and [also] friendly. You...

TWIPLA reviews - G2 - Stéfannie C.
Stéfannie C.User of Standalone
Easy to use analytics tool

Easy to use graphical interface, with charts. It shows good overview for visitor locations, bounce rate, desktop...

TWIPLA reviews - G2 - Ildikó M.
Ildikó M.User of Standalone
Easier and better than google analytics

What I like best: Accurate statistics, Visitor segmentation, Good [also] for seo campaign, Convenient, Easy layout,...

TWIPLA reviews - G2 - User of Standalone
Industry Analyst / Tech Writer in Leisure, Travel & TourismUser of Standalone
Intuitive and powerful!

it is very easy to use and [also] doesn't overwhelm you with complexities and non-actionable data!

TWIPLA reviews - G2 - Jennifer A.
Jennifer A.User of Standalone

Reviews on Trustpilot:

TWIPLA has 80% five-star reviews on Trustpilot
Exceptional Support from TWIPLA

I requested assistance with an issue that I was having with the page names being shown on my site's TWIPLA...

TWIPLA reviews - Trustpilot - John
JohnUser of Standalone
Visitor analytics works very good

It allows me to track my visitors in a very comfortable way, it works very well. [Also] let me know how much...

TWIPLA reviews - Trustpilot - En Forma
En FormaUser of Standalone
The first analytics app I could understand :)

It's simple but [also] strong. Good Work!

TWIPLA reviews - Trustpilot - George Rosu
George RosuUser of Standalone
Best analytics app on the market!

Fast, high quality and [also] easy to use.

TWIPLA reviews - Trustpilot - Radu M.
Radu M.User of Standalone

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Who Is Capterra?

Capterra is a well-known platform for software discovery and also peer reviews, providing businesses and individuals with insights to make informed decisions. By facilitating user-generated reviews and detailed software profiles, Capterra undoubtedly bridges the gap between software vendors and their potential clients. Overall, it provides a valuable service for businesses of all sizes, aiding them in navigating the often overwhelming world of software solutions.

Who Is Crozdesk?

Crozdesk is a popular business software discovery and comparison site, which offers visitors a curated list of the different software solutions that are available to them. The company's annual software awards are also some of the most anticipated in the software industry. But in sum, it exists to help businesses and individuals find the right software for their needs by providing user reviews, product descriptions, vendor details, and also feature comparisons.

Who Is FinancesOnline?

FinancesOnline is a highly-respected consumer advice website that provides detailed reviews, product comparisons, and also research articles on various different software solutions. It dedicates much of its space to financial products reviews, but it can also help with any software decisions. The website is particularly popular with businesses that are looking for B2B or SaaS software solutions.

Who is G2?

G2 is undoubtedly one of the most widely recognized platforms for website analytics reviews, as well as for ratings on other software and services. Its awards are also a highly useful gauge of software functionality. G2 has become an essential platform for businesses when it comes to making informed software purchasing decisions, providing first-hand insights from actual users, and also helping to cut through the marketing noise often associated with software.

Who Is GetApp?

GetApp is a well-known platform that provides reviews, comparisons, and also insights related to business software applications. Owned by Gartner alongside Capterra and Software Advice, it primarily focuses on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions, and is also particularly useful for small to medium-sized businesses looking to find and then compare software solutions.

Who Is Product Hunt?

Product Hunt has cemented its reputation as a go-to platform for discovering, showcasing, and also discussing new and trending technology products. With a community-driven approach, it has undoubtedly become a pivotal launchpad for startups and innovators to introduce their creations to a tech-savvy audience. Overall, Product Hunt is an invaluable window into the tech world for startups, tech enthusiasts, and innovators alike.

Who Is SaaSworthy?

SaaSworthy provides insights, reviews, and also comparisons of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products. It has undeniably positioned itself as a valuable tool for businesses and individuals looking to understand the SaaS landscape. Overall, the platform simplifies the software discovery process, especially for those unfamiliar with the broad and constantly-evolving SaaS market.

Who Is SoftwareSuggest?

SoftwareSuggest is an online discovery portal that offers software recommendations, reviews, and also product comparisons. It focuses primarily on the Indian market, but also covers global software providers of note. SoftwareSuggest aims to simplify the software discovery process and also offers assistance to ensure that all businesses can find the tools best-suited to their needs.

Who Is Software Advice?

Software Advice is a popular online service that offers reviews, online advice, and also comparisons of software. It caters to both niche markets and also general business needs. The platform is especially beneficial for businesses that do not have a dedicated IT department or those unfamiliar with the vast landscape of software solutions available on the market.

Who is Trustpilot?

Trustpilot is undeniably a leading online review platform, and a popular portal where consumers can share their experiences and opinions about every type of businesses. Known for its widespread influence and also vast user base, Trustpilot has become a pivotal tool for companies to build their online reputation and for consumers to make informed decisions. Overall, it's a great tool that consumers can use to understand businesses through peer reviews.

Who Is Wix?

Wix is certainly one of the front-runners in the website-building sphere, catering to users ranging from individuals to small and medium businesses. Known for its drag-and-drop functionality, it has empowered millions to establish their online presence without the need for coding expertise. All its plugins are also displayed alongside user reviews, which is an ideal way for website owners to understand the potential of the many tools available to them.