Maximum Data Privacy Mode

Put Privacy Concerns to Bed

Our Default Privacy-Perfect Mode Explained:

<p>No Tracking Cookies</p>

No Tracking Cookies

<p>No Visitor Consent Needed</p>

No Visitor Consent Needed

<p>No Fingerprinting</p>

No Fingerprinting

Full GDPR and e-Privacy Compliance

Safer Visitors. Better Insights.

TWIPLA is set to Maximum Data Privacy Mode by default.  So this means no fingerprinting, no IP tracking, and no page history records. Crucially, website visitors can't be identified; this keeps them safe.

We also never use cookies since they're bad for data privacy. More people are blocking them every day if their browser doesn’t already, meaning that cookie-powered analytics isn't reliable anymore.

But with TWIPLA, you can analyze site performance in compliance with both GDPR and ePrivacy. This privacy framework is the strictest in the world; comply with it and you also comply with all global laws.

Automatic compliance means no need for the cookie consent banner that restricts data capture. So remove it and have up to five times the data and better insights. Remove it and your UX will shine.

Use Every Tool at Maximum Privacy Mode

Session Recordings, Heatmaps, Funnels, and More.


Fully Anonymized Data Capture

How Privacy-Perfect Works.

Each of the four TWIPLA privacy modes use cookieless tracking. The data collected is completely anonymized, meaning it's scrubbed of anything that could then be used to identify your website visitors.

In Light Privacy Mode, our platform analyzes IP addresses, page histories, resolutions, and location data. But this list of touchpoints reduces as you move up to Medium and then GDPR Privacy Mode.

And at Maximum Data Privacy Mode, only visitor location tracking remains. It also rejects the fingerprinting technology used by all the other levels, and which violates ePrivacy without visitor consent.

Instead, it takes an approximate approach to the tracking of returning visitors and screen resolutions. It then aggregates the data, identifying trends and patterns from this collective visitor behavior.

And so when Maximum Data Privacy Mode is enabled, TWIPLA provides highly accurate insights without collecting any personal data or impacting the privacy rights of your visitors in any way.

Personal Data Insights.

Three Lighter Privacy Modes.


Light, Medium, and GDPR Privacy Modes

Fully Customize Data Capture.

We know it's possible to collect personal data without breaking the law. It can also be very useful: think personalization, targeting, and customer support. And for some, this is vital for business success.

This is why we have four modes. So set one site-wide, or choose a different one for each visitor country. Doing this will maximize data capture, while increasing insight accuracy at the same time.

But unlike Maximum Data Privacy Mode, they carry legal obligations. You'll need the cookie banner for explicit visitor data consent. You'll also need transparent data practices and good data management.

But don't forget, we're data privacy advocates, it's our first priority. So regardless of the privacy mode you choose, we'll provide all the support you need to stay compliant and get the insights you need.