Conversion Funnels

Instantly See Why Website Visitors Leave.

Use Conversion Funnel Insights to Maximize ROI.

Introducing Conversion Funnels

Turn More Users into Customers.

Conversion funnels is an intuitive tool that enable you to visualize and analyze popular paths to progress. Use them to quickly find poor performing pages that act as bottlenecks on the journey to conversion, and then address these problems and grow your ROI.

TWIPLA has streamlined conversion optimization. Create a funnel in seconds and then see instantly where pain points are. Compare conversion funnels side by side. Watch videos of real dropouts. and then use these insights to increase purchase or signup rates.

Why Use Conversion Funnels?

  • Gain insights into user behavior and preferences.
  • Reduce user friction and optimize conversion paths.
  • Focus resources on high-impact areas to grow ROI.
  • Make informed decisions on real data, not guesswork.

Powerful Conversion Funnel Analytics.

Remove Pain Points from Customer Journeys.

Intuitively Designed

Create a Funnel in Seconds.

We've simplified the process of conversion funnel analysis. Start by deciding how many of the eight funnel page levels you need. Paste in the respective URLs, name the funnel, and then you can just leave it to collect the insights you need. It's really as simple as that!

But there are also some additional options. Try setting a visitor capture limit. This is useful for managing resources and reducing noise from casual website visitors. Simply put, it means you can focus on the engaged users most relevant to optimization work.

And if you want further insights, also set an expected conversion rate. This will enable you to then benchmark funnel performance and better identify problem areas. So use it to set realistic goals, and to also measure the effectiveness of page improvements over time.

Funnel ROI Optimization

Improve Your Paths to Purchase.

With TWIPLA, you can create funnels for all your key user journeys. If you're an online store, link a product page with the cart, checkout, and thank you page. Alternatively, daisy-chain the pages that form a lead generation or customer onboarding funnel. Then you're away!

Jump into the conversion funnel once it's collected enough real user data. Use the intuitive color-coded visualizer to then instantly see dropout rates between each page level. Filter the data any way you want, and also check out the analytics sidebar for additional insights.

Simply put, it's a great tool for identifying under-performing pages. Find the bottlenecks or pain points that are restricting purchase or signup numbers. Then, come back to verify the effectiveness of any webpage optimization activities and ensure that ROI is maximized.

Holistic Performance Overview

Compare Funnels At-a-Glance.

While a small website or blog may only have a handful of funnels, large enterprises can have a complex network of hundreds that need analyzing. We've designed TWIPLA to meet the requirements of any business and you can create as many as you need, plan dependent.

We've also made it easy to compare funnel performance. So jump in and see how they're doing side-by-side. Then switch between table and card view. Quickly rename them for ease of identification. Copy a link and share it with contributors. Delete any you don't need.

See the key stats for each: total page levels, visitors, conversions, and conversion rates. Understand how they're doing comparatively in the date range of your choice. Add a multi-level filter or saved filter template. Then, quickly identify which funnel to work on today.

Granular Exit Analytics

Watch Videos of Real Dropouts.

Identifying problem pages is one thing, but figuring out how to make them better can be tricky. But not with TWIPLA. As a complete website intelligence solution, you have all the tools at your disposal to really focus in on visitor behavior and then improve results.

So with one click, jump to a library of Session Recordings on each of the visitors that have dropped out of the funnel. Watch videos of real user journeys and quickly understand why they're not doing what you want them to. Then, fix issues and see your conversions soar.

Alternatively, activate a Heatmap on the problematic page. Generate a Poll to also collect feedback from users. Or go to the Pages web statistics module and find performance insights from any angle. Leverage the power of TWIPLA and get the results you expect.


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