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Cais Sodre, Lisbon

There is nothing like being transported in a new place that makes one acutely aware of all life’s possibilities, like – I could make a life here. 

Lisbon was a surprise, in a really good way. I read one post from a random blogger who found it charmless and lackluster – I beg to disagree. I keep saying this to anyone who asks – it is a severely underrated European capital. I did not have the time to explore the country, but I am pretty sure the rest of it is just as great. Porto, Alentejo, Arrabida, Obidos, Setubal, Madeira… one can keep dreaming.

Because of my “age”, my growing responsibilities, and life in general, I only planned for one “big trip” this year, but I will end up taking four– two of them are unexpected work stints. It is a good surprise and I am not one to pass an opportunity to be in a new place, but sometimes my reserved, introverted self cannot cope with all the changes. Time does not stop when I am away and loved ones are making plans, moving on. This is difficult to admit, but I would rather stay this time for fear of missing out.

In other news, this year’s Big Trip is coming up in a few days and I hope it will be transformative in the way I expect it to be.

Have a good day and a good life, my friend.