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Maze by Gordon Ramsay at the Prague Hilton

Note: This post was written ialmost 3 years ago. :)) The restaurant does not exist anymore as Ramsay pulled out from this location. Re-posting for posterity.

A friend had me watch several seasons of Hell’s Kitchen and I got to know Chef Gordon Ramsay because of that. His work and quality standards are incredibly high (at least that’s how he is portrayed in his shows), he can be quite a character with all the insults and the yelling. That being said, it’s not unusual to be curious about how his food is like.

Having grown up predominantly with Filipino / Chinese cooking and American-style fast food, I admit that I am not very familiar with classical French cuisine, just gradually learning things here and there. I followed Top Chef, some Anthony Bourdain (old man crush!), some Andrew Zimmern and I think I became less ignorant because of those shows. I also have been more interested in food and trying new things since I started documenting with my own camera.

The restaurant has opened in November of 2007, it bears no Michelin stars and the food is half the price of original restaurant in London. That being said, it still is by far the most expensive meal I had to pay for.

I had the Classic menu (seven small courses) and Jess had a three-course a la carte.

Service-wise I’d say the staff was more attentive during the beginning of the service. We were lucky to come a bit early, later into the evening the kitchen choked and a lot of guests weren’t receiving their food on time. The table beside us received complimentary wine because they have been waiting for their food for a long time.

Complimentary bread; apparently an homage to a certain type of Czech bread, the rohlík.

White onion velouté with braised rabbit leg and onion brioche. First taste of rabbit.

Marinated beetroot with Sairass cheese, pine nuts and cabernet sauvignon dressing
beetroot with sairass cheese

Roasted quail with peach and saffron chutney, foie gras and Madeira sauce
roasted quail

Roasted Norwegian salmon with braised artichokes and chorizo
Norwegian salmon

Navarin of lamb scented with lavender, glazed baby vegetables and fresh tagliatelle
lamb with tagliatelle

Slow cooked trio of pork with white bean ragoût and whole grain mustard, Jess’s main dish
trio of pork

Buttermilk panna cotta with fresh berries and yogurt sorbet
buttermilk panna cotta

Vanilla rice pudding with raspberry ripple ice cream
vanilla rice pudding

Valrhona Chocolate Fondant with honey milk ice cream
Valrhona chocolate fondant

Petit fours– rosewater-flavored Turkish delights of sorts
Turkish delights

Maze by Gordon Ramsay
Prague Hilton Old Town
V celnici 7
Prague, Czech Republic

Czech Republic / Food

Beef Svíčková at Pivnice U Pivrnce

We were walking along the Josefov area one evening and we were in the mood to try out Czech food. My guidebook recommended a traditional Czech dish called Svíčková– which is beef in lemon cream sauce. It was alright. Tasty and satisfying.

Beef svickova

The sauce is a bit heavy for my liking and I would have preferred rice instead of the bread dumplings. This is from a pub called Pivnice U Pivrnce. We also wanted their specialty called the Radegast beer (also recommended by the guidebook) but unfortunately it was unavailable.

Pivnice U Pivrnce
Maiselova 3, Josefov
Prague, Czech Republic

Czech Republic / Food

Restaurace Cantina

The well-stocked bar. I like Cantina’s interiors, the ceiling is lined with burlap sacks and there are a couple of kitschy odds and ends. For a pretty late lunch the place is still packed, with, I presume, mostly tourists visiting Prague.

Pork dish with chipotle sauce

Chicken Honey

Restaurace Cantina
Újezd 38
118 00 Praha – Malá Strana
Prague, Czech Republic

Czech Republic / Food

Bohemia Bagel

Comfort food, breakfast food. LOVE.
Bohemia Bagel

Three eggs scrambled with spinach and tomatoes then topped with cream cheese, American bacon, hash browns and mini bagel.
Bohemia Bagel

Charles IV Stack
Two fried eggs, American bacon, sausage patties, two American pancakes, 100% maple syrup, butter and mini bagel.
Bohemia Bagel

Bohemia Bagel
Mala Strana, Prague