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Buffet Trzesniewski

Eating alone in Vienna. I love these neat little open-faced sandwiches (1€ each) at Buffet Trzesniewski. I wash it down with Pfiff beer in a tiny mug. Apparently, the place is a Viennese institution owned by Polish immigrants and it opened in 1902. Franz Kafka used to eat here.

Dorotheergasse 1
Innere Stadt
Vienna, Austria

Austria / Food

Meals at Nordsee

Vienna can be quite an expensive city, so we eat at Nordsee as we have a limited knowledge of other reasonably priced restaurants. It can be a nice alternative to the usual greasy burger joints.

The displays are attractive and I found many customers buying nicely packaged (for takeaway) bruschetta topped with different kinds of caviar. I wish I had gotten one myself.

Pangasius fillet with rice and Coke Zero!

Shrimp sandwich and pommes frites




I think €8 for one ride is a rip off, and there is practically nothing to see up there at night. It’s still charming though, Before Sunrise was filmed here and also the cult classic The Third Man.


Wiener Staatsoper

Vienna State Opera. It’s currently playing Puccini’s La Boheme, I’m not too familiar with it but I know it’s where the broadway musical Rent is based from.
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