Behavior Analytics

Capture, Visualize, Analyze.

Introducing Our Visitor Behavior Analytics Features.

Understand All Your Visitor Interactions and Pathways.

Use our visitor behavior analytics features to achieve end goals and drive success.

<p>Inform Design Decisions</p>

Inform Design Decisions

<p>Optimize User Experience</p>

Optimize User Experience

<p>Improve Conversion Rates</p>

Improve Conversion Rates


View Collective Traffic Behavior.

Create a heatmap in seconds and then intuitively understand page engagement: clicks, scrolls, mouse movement. See where activity is high, and also where it's low. Then, use these visual insights to find usability issues, optimize layout, and improve wider site navigation.

So create one for a specific or dynamic page, or use the URL pattern tool to limit data to any campaign. Also see results by device type. From the color palette to recorded visit count, our heatmaps are fully customizable and data can also be used in list or map form.

Session Recordings

Replay Any Visitor Journey.

Watch videos of real browsing sessions. See what people do on pages and how they navigate between them. Use this visitor behavior tool to identify confusion, hesitancy, and frustration. See your site from their viewpoint and use this insight to improve UX.

Granular Replay FilteringSeamless Cross-Platform IntegrationCustomizable Data CaptureAdvanced Playback Analytics

Find the session recordings you need quickly. Sort them by visitor characteristic, pages visited, and also traffic source. Activate a multi-level filter or saved filter template for even more relevent results. Then, watch the replays or leverage the list of actions in data form.

Conversion Funnels

Analyze Paths to Purchase.

Link pages together for analysis and then enhance the performance of key conversion pages around end goals. Identify drop-outs, bottlenecks, and other pain points. Then, use these insights for targeting, resource allocation, and informed decision-making.

So create a funnel of up to eight pages in seconds. Set an expected conversion rate and also visitor number limit. Use the graphic to intuitively understand results and watch videos of drop outs. Then, jump to each page for further analysis and work to widen the funnel.

Event Tracking

Analyze Element-Level Actions.

This visitor behavior tool takes analytics beyond surface-level visitor traits and actions. Monitor how they behave and interact with any page element, e.g. downloads, form submissions, check boxes, and drop downs. Go granular and use this data to fine tune your site.

Automatic Event TrackingCustom Event TriggersIntegrated Events AnalyticsHistoric Event GraphLive Tracking Mode

This advanced feature takes a little configuration; but once you've generated a tag and then dropped it into the page element HTML, it's away. Return to the overview to then see how event frequency develops over time, or group and filter data for even deeper analysis.