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Google Analytics is a very complex analytics platform, and probably the most popular one out there. Many website owners choose this tool because it is free, but little do they know that they actually end up paying for it with their data or even worse, with very large fines because they do not comply with the privacy laws in their country.  Find out below why TWIPLA is an alternative to Google Analytics 

Besides these privacy-related concerns, Google Analytics can also be overwhelming for the average user. The amount of data this tool collects is overkill and you will probably only end up needing a small fraction of everything provided. You will either be forced to hire an analytics expert or will have to take a course yourself in order to make sense of all the data. This is most definitely not a platform for beginners.


In comparison to Google Analytics, TWIPLA is much more user-friendly. This has always been one of our main focuses - to make the stats self-explanatory and easy to access even if you are a one-person business or part of a large enterprise. Our user-friendly dashboard does not require any special training or expertise in order to make sense of it.

Even the more advanced TWIPLA behavioral analytics features such as session recordings or heatmaps, which GA does not provide, are very easy to activate and keep track of. Bonus - we also offer you the possibility to interact with your website visitors and collect feedback from them through polls and surveys, an option that Google Analytics only offers through a separate extension.

Contrary to how Google Analytics operates, with TWIPLA, all the data you collect belongs to you and we do not share it with any third parties. This is why we charge a small monthly fee if your website has over 1,000 monthly visits, in order to cover the costs of maintaining the app and developing new features. GA also has a paid plan, Google Analytics 360 meant for websites with heavy monthly traffic, that will cost you $150,000 dollars a year.

In terms of privacy, TWIPLA is, by far, more advanced than Google Analytics. We guarantee that with the right settings, that you can choose for yourself from our Privacy Center, you will never have to worry about cookie banners or fines. Just do a quick “Google Analytics lawsuit” search on Google (yes, how ironic) and you will see why choosing this tool might not be the best business decision for you.

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↪ LGPD (compliant even without a cookie consent banner) (Brazil) [?] 
↪ TTDSG (compliant even without a cookie consent banner) (Germany) [?] 
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↪ No Consent Banner needed (MPM mode active) [?] 
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↪ Capterra [?] ★★★★★ (225) Details will be updated soon.  
↪ Wix [?] ★★★★★ (1,225) Details will be updated soon.  
↪ G2 [?] ★★★★★ (20) Details will be updated soon.  
↪ GetApp [?] ★★★★★ (225) Details will be updated soon.  
↪ Crozdesk [?] ★★★★★ (20) Details will be updated soon.  
↪ SaasWorthy [?] ★★★★★ (252) Details will be updated soon.  
↪ SoftwareSuggest [?] ★★★★★ (43) Details will be updated soon.  
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