Account Settings

All You Need to Know About Your Account's Settings


Account Settings. All you need to know.

In your account settings, you can add your account information, manage your websites, activate and manage White Label analytics, or find an overview of your invoices. For more information, please select one of the articles below:

  1. Managing Your Account Info
  2. Managing Your Account Website(s)
  3. White Label Our Platform
  4. Managing Your White Label Commission
  5. Managing Your Invoices
  6. Managing Your Consents

In this view, you can add or edit your Personal Data (these apply to the account itself), and also add or edit your Business Data (in case you want to enable white-labelling for your account, so that your clients know who you are). Here you can also delete the account if needed, in Account Options.

  1. Personal Data represents youraccount credentials (email address & password) and the name you would like us to address you. Changing the email or the password will affects the login credentials, so make sure you have them at hand.
  2. Business Data consists of the name of your company, the business type, the business sector your company is in, the address, and VAT number (if applicable). Here you can also manage your white-labelling subscription and the billing details, in case you decide you want to customize the platform for your   client(s) with your own company details, logo, and colors, and share the stats with them. Find more about this within the White Label section.
  3. Account Options give you the possibility to delete your account completely. Note that you can only do that after removing all the websites from your account, as an extra layer of security, to make sure it doesn't get deleted by mistake. Once that is done, you can also delete the account. You will NOT be able to restore existing account information or website data.

Important Note: A new dropdown called the Business Type” has been added to the Business Data modal(please refer to the second screenshot above). Below are the selectable contents:

  1. Solopreneur
  2. Small Business (<100 employees)
  3. Midsize Business (100+ employees)
  4. Enterprise (500+ employees)
  5. E-commerce
  6. Agency/Consultant
  7. Non-profit Organization
  8. Public Sector
  9. Software/Tech

In this view, you are being presented with all the websites that were added to your account. The websites can be filtered by their current status or you can also search for a specific one if needed.

Important Notes:

  • If your role for a specific website is not "Owner", some details/options might not be available for you
  • All the data shown in the graphs is based on the selected time period
  • If some of the websites were added at a later time, you might see empty graphs for the current range - so make sure you select an applicable date range to see data for the desired website

Each website has some essential details that will be explained below.

  • The URL of the website and the "More Options" (right beside it, accessed via the 3-dot "meatballs menu")
    • Clicking the URL will select the website and you will be redirected to its Stats Dashboard
    • The "More Options" gives you the ability to manage even more things for that website, such as:
      • View Tracking Code, in case you need to copy it again
      • "Manage Contributors" to share the stats with your colleagues/collaborators/clients
      • Get redirected to the "Website Settingsto set some specific aspects per website
      • "Copy Website ID" - its sole purpose is to make an integration with Google Tag Manager possible (just copy the website's ID and fill in the required field when installing our paltform via GTM)
      • "Apply White-Labelto enable the custom theme you created for your customers and get a commission from the subscription they are paying (for that website)
      • "Remove the Website", to completely delete it - but make sure you really want to do it, because it cannot be recovered

        Important Note: If the account you are logged in with, has the role of a contributor for the website, you will not have the permission to delete it, but only to leave.
  • The Status of the Website, which can be either:
    • Active, if the platform was installed correctly and visits are being tracked
    • Inactive, if the tracking code was not embedded or incorrectly embedded in the source code of your website and the platform cannot track the visits

Important Note: It is possible that your website has the status "Inactive", even though you installed the tracking code correctly. Please either visit the website yourself (if you have not excluded your own visits from tracking) or wait for the first visit to happen on your website. The status should be "Active" afterwards. To check whether the tracking code has been installed correctly, you can always click on the red or green dot icon at the top left corner within the header (once you select the website).

  • Your Role for the Website:
    • Owner, Editor, or Watcher
  • White Label Status:
    • Enabled, if the custom White-Labelled theme is applied to that website
    • Disabled, if the website's stats are only presented in the default application theme to every user that has access to them
  • Website's Pricing Plan:
    • The name of the pricing plan this website is currently running on, depending on the website's traffic (please note, if you have a Wix website, you will only see a "View on Wix" link to manage your plan directly in your Wix account)
    • The plans are colored depending on the current status of the subscription: green (active plan), orange (expired, ended, cancelled). If the color of the plan is orange, hover it to find more details and go to the website's Subscription Settings to manage your plan
  • Important KPIs for your website (Visitors, Unique Visitors, Page visits, Conversions), from which you can selct to transpose on to a graph on the right side

    Hint: If you move your cursor to single data points within the chart, you will see additional information.

If you want to add a new website, you need to click on the button "Add a new website" in the upper right corner of the view. You will then be forwarded to a modal which enquires as to whether your website source is Wix, Weebly, or other. 



  1. If you are using either Wix or Weebly, please click on the relevant button. You will then be forwarded to the Wix or Weebly dashboard. If you want to know how the application can be added to a Wix or Weebly website, please click here. The Wix or Weebly website will then be added to your account afterwards.
  2. If you want to add any other type of website (WordPress, any html-website, etc.), please click on  the "No, I don't Use Any of the Above" button. You will then move on to the second step on the new website onboarding modal, which asks you to enter the URL of the website. If you want to know how the application has to be installed on a certain type of website please check our corresponding support section here.


Important Note Upfront: This is only possible if you have access to an admin account on a website. 

If you are really sure about deleting a website from your account (this action cannot be reversed, nor can we re-establish data once it's deleted), you have to click on the 3-dot "meatballs" menu for the relevant website. If you are the admin of this website, you will then see a little "trash" icon and the command "Remove Website" at the bottom of this menu. If you click this trash icon, a new modal will open asking you to confirm the website deletion by entering your password.

At this point, the application differentiates between four roles:

  1. Owner: Someone who can access all available settings for a website (even reset its data, delete it, etc.). You are an owner if you are the person that added the website to your account and invited others.
  2. Editor: A person that was added to "contribute" to a specific website. This role can edit most of the settings for the website, but cannot reset or delete it.
  3. Watcher: This contributor type has "read only" permissions - they can see all information, but are completely restricted when it comes to changing anything.
  4. Dashboard Viewer Only: This user can only view the exact data that the admin is filtering/segmenting for. Dashboard viewers do NOT have the ability to update the dashboard's data nor can they click on links taking them to other features inside the platform.

The first column displays your account's role for the website. To modify the current contributors (only possible as an owner), you need to click the three-dot icon (meatballs menu) and choose the "Manage Website Contributors".

The "White Label" feature enables you to offer our platform's featuress to your customers within your own branding.

By selecting any of the White Label-related menu options at the top of your Account Settings, you will be led to a modal from which you can opt to "Try the Free Plan of White Label". Or, if you already have active White Label websites, these options will instead lead you to a range of information, settings, and options related to your White Label websites. 

Once active, this White Label section of your settings will enable you to set up your own theme, enable this theme for the desired website(s) in your list, and invite your related customers to check their website stats within a customized interface.

Make sure you enable the White Labelling for your account - it is free for one website, so why not give it a try?

How to Provide All Our Features to Your Clients in Your Own Branding

  • First, add all your clients' websites to your account, then enable this White Label feature

    Note: The custom theme you set up will only be available for the enabled website(s).
  • Second step is to set up up your own theme, by selecting the "White Label Theme" option at the top of yout Account Settings" and:
    • Defining a custom URL, email addresses, and legal links, so that your contributors can see the platform as being yours from start to finish
    • Adding your own logo, which will replace the classic one in the header
    • Selecting the most suitable color palette for your platform
    • Selecting the desired font to be displayed across the entire platform

Important Notes

  • If you have a "Standalone" website, invite a contributor, and then apply the White Label theme, all contributor accounts are converted to "white-label contributor accounts" (the website disappears from the website seletor in the original contributor account and is from now on only accessible via the subdomain login). Of course, the original contributor account will still exist - it simply does not have the website anymore when logging in via the default visa login.
  • If the White Label theme is removed from/deactivated for a White Label website, all Whitel Label contributor accounts will be deleted and the website owner will have to re-invite all contributors for the "Standalone" website.



  • Once this is complete, you can start adding contributors, with Editor or Watcher roles

    Note: Make sure the website is White Label enabled before sending a contributor invitation, so that the user receiving it can register/log into your own custom defined URL and see the customized interface you have defined.
  • A commission from the purchased plans (Pro+ or higher) for each White Label-enabled website is extended to you

    Important Note: Make sure the website is enabled, before the subscription is purchased, in order to benefit from the commission. Otherwise, it will only be applicable at the next payment cycle.

By selecting the "White Label Websites" option at the top of your Account Settings, your are able to easily manage any of the White Label websites you have already set up. 

Here, you will see

  • Whether or not tracking data is active
  • Whether the White Label Theme is enabled or disabled
  • The active Pricing Plan
  • The Contributors, and 
  • Your Role 


Once you have activated white-labeling and subscribed each website to at least a Pro Plus plan, you will receive a commission of at least 15%of the amount (depending on the White Label plan you have active for your account, which you can manage from the My Account tab).

This commission can be monitored and managed from the "White Label Commission" tab in the top menu of your Account Settings. Here, you can also upgrade the package for each of your White Label websites. 


The commission is accumulated at each payment cycle - so, if the website's plan is paid monthly, you will get minimum of 15% summed on a monthly basis (or yearly for annual licences). In order to access your commission payouts, you will need to send us a bill at the end of each quarter containing the displayed commission amount.

Important Note: Make sure the website is White Label enabled before the subscription is purchased, in order to benefit from the commission. Otherwise, it will only be applicable at the next payment cycle.


This table provides you with a list of all your invoices.

Important Notes Upfront:

  1. These invoices only refer to "non-Wix websites". The billing for Wix websites is done separately on Wix.
  2. This view includes all invoices from all websites added to your account. If you want to have a list of only website specific bills, please go to the website settings.

The table is made of the following columns:

  • Billing Date: Date that the invoice has been created
  • URL: Refers to the internet address of the website this bill refers to
  • Amount: The billing amount in USD (further currencies will be available soon)
  • Status: Status of the payment (paid, unpaid, etc.)
  • View Invoice: By clicking on the corresponding icons in this table, you will be forwarded to the PDF download of each invoice 


We use YouTube to play videos (i.e. explanation videos of features), which are directly embedded within the application. When you revoke the option to play embedded YouTube elements, we will most likely show you a version that is stored on our website. In this case, you will not be able to see comments or any other video interactions. You can also always watch the videos directly on Youtube.