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What I Ate: California

As this was a work-related trip, most of the weekdays were spent in the office. I did not get out of my way to dine at specific places, I mostly went with whatever the group felt like eating. A few times I ventured out and grabbed takeout from the places near my hotel.

At Hyatt House, breakfast selection is small but good. I loved the biscuits and gravy; I don’t remember having anything similar that was that good. I also discovered that people like their breakfast eggs with salsa in these parts! I do enjoy a big meal when I’m up extra early in the morning. Needless to say all these calories showed on my trip photos.. I looked huge!
Hyatt House Breakfast
Hyatt House Breakfast

I am so glad we took time to check out Blue Bottle at Mint Plaza. I would go so far and say that it is the best coffee I have had! I still can remember how the latte coursed ever so smoothly down my throat. It was a cup of silky caffeinated goodness. Blue Bottle recently came to Asia– Tokyo, specifically, and I read somewhere that the lines are always crazy long.
Blue Bottle Latte
Blue Bottle Latte

Spending lunch hour at Tortilleria El Molino in Concord.
Taco Salad

Lunch hour, Mackarel / Saba Bento
Saba Bento

I have tried Five Guys Burger, In-N-Out, and Habit Burger and I must say Habit Burger was the best so far.
Five Guys Burger
Five Guys Burger
In n Out Burger

Freebirds Naked Burrito, eaten as two meals
Freebirds Naked Burrito

so many Kombucha choices at Costco!

Korean Yakult
Korean Yakult

beautiful chocolate packaging Trader Joe’s
Trader Joe's Chocolate

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