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First-Time Dog Mummy

These days, I usually sleep, read books or edit this blog whenever I can find free time. I have moved over 300+ blog entries from blogger and I am in the process of recoding and editing the images that accompany each entry. I have not been able to do that in the past 2 days because we have just welcomed a puppy in our home, She is a 2 month old Maltichon: a Bichon Frise – Maltese mix.

Summer the Maltichon

I love dogs but I have no clue about raising one. In the past 48 hours I have Googled and learned so much.. heck, I even read Ceasar Millan’s book. 😛 It’s like having a kid really, only a pup is less delicate. She has been eating vomit and toilet paper and newspapers and bit on one dead cockroach she found lying around at one point. She was even close to eating her poop on several occasions.

Similar to my philosophy of raising my would-be children, I will avoid treating her like a “princess.” I have an aversion to people who treat their dogs and kids like so. Dogs, like children, should be raised in a loving home, but at the same time parents should not make their lot feel like they are privileged, superior, and self-important.

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