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Plat du Jour menu at L’entrecote des halles

After a bit of shopping at Forum des Halles, we walked around Rue Saint-Denis to look for a place to eat. Staying at the Chatelet area now (1st arrondisement), there are so many options, from panini and kebab stalls to jazz bars and brasseries. We typically alternated between fastfood and proper sit-down meals.

L’entrecote des halles interiors and the bar. I love these old-fashioned implements.
L'Entrecote des Halles
L'Entrecote des Halles

My order: soupe l’oignon and steak frites (around €12, plat du jour)
L'Entrecote's French onion soup
Steak frites at L'Entrecote des Halles

A’s salade and magret (duck) dish (around €12, plat du jour)
Salade at L'Entrecote
Duck dish

L’entrecote des halles
38 Rue Saint-Denis 75001 Paris, France
01 42 21 99 16

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