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After Giverny, we are back in Paris and didn’t have anything planned for the evening. Decided to people-watch and have a little picnic at Champs de Mars, the large open field stretching from the Eiffel Tower grounds all the way to École Militaire. It used to be the marching grounds of the officers from the famed military school.

Well, no wide shots from my camera, I was too lazy to change lenses. Regretting it now.
Champs de Mars
Eiffel Tower

The queue to go up the tower! No thanks.
You may actually reserve for slots online, and I tried to one week before the trip. Unfortunately even with a few days lead time most daytime and early evening slots were already filled, and we didn’t want to go late in the evening.
the line to the Eiffel Tower

Cheap sandwiches from the supermarket, and a Hoegaarden s’il vous plait.
Champs de Mars picnic
I ended up not liking most of the pictures, my hands are shaky and I failed to capture the blinking lights. This is Angela, we are heading home, walking to the École Militaire metro station.
Eiffel Tower at dusk

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  1. Teacup Moments

    my favorite part of la tour eiffel are the names of famous frenchmen engraved on the iron. love your picnic. some days in paris, nothing beats a simple grocery-bought meal outdoors. 🙂


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