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Bill Cunningham New York

I’ve seen 57 movies this year and this by far is the best and most unforgettable one. I loved it so much that I’ve seen it two times in a row; and I would see it again and again.

I have never heard of Bill Cunningham before this, and I am glad to know that someone out there made such an excellent movie on the life and work of this octogenarian fashion photographer. Such a humble gentleman for someone with so much talent and heart. Even Anna Wintour speaks highly of him, and that says a lot.

There are a handful of heartwarming scenes but my favorite part would be his interview at the “upscale” Parisian cafe. We find out that his uniform of choice is a 20-dollar smock bought from the department store, the very same one the street sweepers wear, and he would wear it everywhere from the streets of New York to runway shows and society events. He takes his heart pills from an envelope, and claims that despite the extravagance of the fashion world which he is a part of, he goes for very down-to-earth basic things. And it’s so ironic and striking, to know someone like Bill who devoted all his life to photographing fashion and beauty and extravagance yet he manages to live without any manner of wastefulness or excess. I’m grappling for words and I probably did not get the right point across, I think if you saw the film, you would get what i mean.

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  1. Teacup Moments

    i know what you mean because i loved the film. i am not into fashion but i was blown away. i love films that celebrate passion and talent, in whatever field. and this film does just that. you come away feeling uplifted, elevated.


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