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Schwartz’s Deli in Paris

After spending a lot of time taking pictures and battling the crowd at Trocadéro, we decided to grab dinner at Schwartz’s Deli. The place is decorated as a diner with little booths and red gingham table covers. It was close to 10pm yet the place is still packed with teenagers and twenty somethings.

I was feeling adventurous that day and decided to get beef tartare and fries (tartare de boeuf et pommes frites).

I have had beef tartare in the past as an appetizer, and I remember it being very heavily spiced with pepper and herbs and it came as a total surprise in my mouth, in a good way. This was not, in fact I found it a bit bland for my liking. That being said, it pretty much felt like eating a raw burger patty. It wasn’t that bad really, but the country girl in me just was not used to lack of the aggressive flavors to mask the tartare’s texture.

Beef tartare and boat-cut fries

Angela taking pictures of her steak haché– this is how the French call their hamburger.

Schwartz’s Deli (Trocadéro)
7 Avenue d’Eylau 75016
Paris, France

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