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Date archives December 2010

Food / Philippines / Singapore

Cereal Prawn at Wee Nam Kee

I had my first taste of cereal prawn when Angela brought me to Glutton’s Bay in Singapore. It was such a revelation; I didn’t realise that prawns can ever be cooked and eaten this way, coated with a delicious sweet-spicy mix of oats and eaten with the shell.

Glutton’s Bay Hawker’s cereal prawns (SG)
cereal prawns

Didn’t miss the chance to try it when the Singaporean franchise, Wee Nam Kee opened near my workplace. The cereal “formula” tasted great, however I thought the prawns were too large for my liking. Consequently, the shell is thicker and harder to eat. It probably is just me, as I generally do not like struggling with my food. I would still go back and order the same thing.

Wee Nam Kee’s cereal prawns
cereal prawns

Wee Nam Kee
Ayala Triangle Gardens
Makati Avenu
Makati, Philippines
Tel: (632)846-8924

Food / Vietnam

Fanny Ice Cream

Fanny is a chain of quaint ice cream shoppes in Vietnam (Ho Chih Minh and Hanoi). It’s hard to pick anything from the picture menu because everything looks good, and some of the options are cute and playful (the cyclo ice cream, for example).

I wish we have this in Manila– is much better than the overpriced and terribly sweet gelato over at Greenbelt 5 (the name escapes me at the moment).
Fanny Ice Cream Shop
cute little water glasses
cute little water glasses at Fanny
Sushi Ice Cream with fresh mangoes, chocolate & raspberry sauce
sushi ice cream
Raspberry and strawberry sorbet
Raspberry and strawberry sorbet