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Escolta at Manila Peninsula

My mom got us a Peninsula membership card and one of the benefits of being an early member is a free lunch/dinner for two at one of the hotel’s restaurants.

Lovely Old Manila interiors

different breads with tuna and liver pate. I wasn’t able to try the fruit spread.

Amuse bouche, two of each. Stuffed grapes and salmon rolls.

There’s a raw seafood bar where you can have as much oysters, lobster, mussels, and prawns as you want. We had these oysters steamed. I’ll dare to have it raw with lemon juice the next time. As an aside, Anthony Bourdain realised his love of food at 10 years old when he had his first taste of raw oysters in Arcachon, France.

generous servings of salmon sashimi and maki

From the salad bar: lettuce and arugula with pine nuts and parmesan cheese.

Heart attack on a plate. Pork belly.

At this point my belly is close to exploding. Lobster, pork humba, mussels, roast beef with red wine jus, potato gratin. The beef and gratin are delicious.

Final plate, desserts. Cheesecake, fruit, fondue, biko, purple yam, chocolate panna cotta. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to try the selection of artisanal ice cream because I was too full– I was particularly interested in the pink guava ice cream.

The food selection is not as large but it is still more than enough. There’s a cheese station, pasta, free coffee and tea. The chefs also can make risotto and noodles to order. I’ll go back again if budget allows it.

Manila Peninsula
Makati City, Philippines
(632) 887 2888 Ext. 6694

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  1. w.s.

    I have tried raw squishy oysters in Phuket. It was lovely. They served it on the side with some tomato-salsa like sauce and lemons. If you can take the funny look of it, and slurp it whole. Damn. Yum.


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