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Every now and again sometimes I get lost on the wind of a dream.

The possibility of having musicians I like come to the country are few and far between, and it makes me feel deprived in a way. So many of my favourite artists come to Singapore and HK, but skip the Philippines altogether. That being said, I was torn about getting tickets to the Katy Perry concert when I found out that Mae was part of the lineup. (I’ve liked them since 2004.) I wasn’t really sure if it’s worth my while, I didn’t really care for Katy or the other artists. (She put on a great show, she’s SO great-looking and I enjoyed watching her, so that’s a good bonus.) I’m glad I still came. Trin saw Mae play in a music festival, and she said it right, it felt quite like the best 30 minutes ever. Even if I was the only one from my area singing to the songs and bopping my head. (I was surrounded by prepubescent chinese gay boys who are obviously there to see KP.) Seeing them live and reading their tweets made me appreciate their music all the more. I really wish more artists of the non-popstar variety would come here.

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