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so you think you can dance

I don’t dance and I’m not interested to learn or anything like that, but this show really is entertaining. It’s kind of unfortunate that it doesn’t get much love in these parts as much as American Idol does. I’ve seen four seasons so far, it’s amazing how people can move and use their bodies like these people do. Prior to this show, I didn’t know there was more to dance than just plain cha-cha or waltz or tango or hiphop. That being said, my favourite styles to watch are lyrical hiphop, contemporary and 70s disco haha.

Season 5 is halfway through and I can say it’s been great so far. This week Jeanine and Jason danced to one of my favourite songs as of late (last.fm says I’m one of it’s top listeners). It’s such a cheap thrill if they perform to songs I actually like (Priscilla Ahn, The White Stripes, Adele, Missy Higgins, Sara Bareilles, Koop, among others).

More favourites from this season:
Love Lockdown – Kanye West (sick popping!)
Ruby Blue – Roisin Murphy
Gravity – Sara Bareilles
Falling Slowly – The Frames (and she’s Filipino-American)

Favourites from previous seasons:
The Garden – Mirah
Bleeding Love (what.a.perfect.routine.)
Calling You – Celine Dion (I wish they used the Jeff Buckley version)
Adele – Hometown Glory
Beautiful – Me’shell Ndegeocello (“Tim Burton’s wedding” and I’ve had this beautiful song for years)

3 Comments so you think you can dance

  1. 3ntmonty

    The Aussie dancers have nothing on the dancers in the American version. The hip-hop is always awful and tyring too hard, plus the judges are annoying so it gets a pain to watch.

    This is my favourite routine from the Australian version, and we’re lucky we got to watch this live!!

  2. 3ntmonty

    Oh and there was a Filipino in the first season who got to the Top 4. She was a b-girl who was able to do the other genres well.

    This was the first video in YouTube I could find.

  3. Cam

    I LOVED the Ruby Blue routine. 🙂 I also loved the Broadway routine that Brandon and Melissa did. This show is so damn entertaining, more than AI, if I daresay, heh. 🙂


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