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La Vita e Bella.

While walking at the Castello Sforzesco grounds in Milan, I saw a blind man and his friend. They walk arm in arm as the sighted friend describes the castle in detail, in lovely soft Italian. I thought those things just happen in movies. The vision was so beautiful and moving, it just made the trip for me.

Count your blessings.
May you be blessed with health, wholeness, life and love this coming year.

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  1. anijun

    the scene you described about the blind man and his friend is truly moving. In Ben Okri’s Secular Sermons, this kind of scene is beyond words. it touches the inner self or the soul as others would say.
    btw, you may like to visit my site: http://www.anijun.wordpress.com. if you find it nice we can excahnge links. have a happy new year!

  2. Gilbert

    I saw your blog link from Friendster.

    I’m impressed with the photos I’ve seen. We have some common friends according to friendster though I’m not very clear.

    I see you travel a lot and enjoys photography. Keep up the great work and hopefully we’ll get in touch someday as I love to travel as well.

    I’m visiting Milan this april. :=D

  3. francesbean

    Obrigado, Vander Hugo!

    Hi Gilbert, Thanks for dropping by! Mind if you tell me who our common friends are? 🙂

    I love to travel but I think I lucked out on all opportunities last year, this year I’m sure I won’t get around as much 😛

    I wish I was able to explore more of Milan, and the rest of Italy. Enjoy your trip!

  4. Howie

    Reminded of a similar experience with a major variation in Inverness, Scotland many moons ago — I was a traveler trying to find my way and happened to ask a stranger. He told me the way and offered to guide me around his gorgeous town, if I would tell him what I was seeing! Turns out he had become blind a few years before and had to retire from being a butcher. I would tell him what a particular place looked like and he would tell me all about it. He was holding my arm while we walked, two complete strangers dependent on each other in different ways.

    Thanks for your anecdote that helped me dredge that one up. Nice blog ; )


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