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Date archives August 2008

Austria / Food

Meals at Nordsee

Vienna can be quite an expensive city, so we eat at Nordsee as we have a limited knowledge of other reasonably priced restaurants. It can be a nice alternative to the usual greasy burger joints.

The displays are attractive and I found many customers buying nicely packaged (for takeaway) bruschetta topped with different kinds of caviar. I wish I had gotten one myself.

Pangasius fillet with rice and Coke Zero!

Shrimp sandwich and pommes frites



Banana Bread

I tried to bake for the first time and surprisingly, it came out okay. I chose the easiest, simplest thing to do– banana bread! It could have used more overripe bananas and less sugar, though.


Pasta dishes I’ve tried

Spaghetti Aglio Olio, with bits of seafood. As I am currently posted in a landlocked country where seafood (fresh or packaged!) is quite pricey, I can only buy a small tin of mixed seafood.

Spaghetti Al Tonno, tomato sauce, tuna, oregano, other various herbs

Life / Writing

Little Things

Two of my food pictures were published this month. My Cotoletta Alla Milanese photo is included in the “Milan, A Surprise River City” feature in the San Pellegrino website. Another image taken from our office goose party a year ago is in Sky Europe’s in-flight magazine (I haven’t seen this on print and I couldn’t find the feature in their website).