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Quizás, Quizás, Quizás

In a perfect world I would be traveling at my own comfortable pace. I’d be watching people– each one is beautiful and fascinating in his own right. I’d learn about art, history, culture, food. I’d attempt to communicate in strange languages. I’d take pictures for a living. And at the end of the day there would be someone I could come home to.
He was indeed playing Quizás, Quizás, Quizás on his Spanish guitar.

Czech Republic / Food

Beef Svíčková at Pivnice U Pivrnce

We were walking along the Josefov area one evening and we were in the mood to try out Czech food. My guidebook recommended a traditional Czech dish called Svíčková– which is beef in lemon cream sauce. It was alright. Tasty and satisfying.

Beef svickova

The sauce is a bit heavy for my liking and I would have preferred rice instead of the bread dumplings. This is from a pub called Pivnice U Pivrnce. We also wanted their specialty called the Radegast beer (also recommended by the guidebook) but unfortunately it was unavailable.

Pivnice U Pivrnce
Maiselova 3, Josefov
Prague, Czech Republic

Food / Slovak Republic

Verde Caffe

Penne Salmone
This was lovely, and I should try making this dish next time and change it up to spaghetti or spaghettini noodles since I’m not really a fan of penne. I love this kind of cheese, it reminds me of cheese-flavoured sorbetes (dirty ice cream) back in the Philippines. I’m not really knowledgeable with cheeses but it probably is Pecorino Romano, it tastes sharper than parmesan.

Complimentary bread and tapenade


Verde caffe bar & pasta
Near the Jesenskeho Tram 14 Stop
Bratislava, Slovakia

Czech Republic / Food

Restaurace Cantina

The well-stocked bar. I like Cantina’s interiors, the ceiling is lined with burlap sacks and there are a couple of kitschy odds and ends. For a pretty late lunch the place is still packed, with, I presume, mostly tourists visiting Prague.

Pork dish with chipotle sauce

Chicken Honey

Restaurace Cantina
Újezd 38
118 00 Praha – Malá Strana
Prague, Czech Republic