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Czech Republic / Food

Bohemia Bagel

Comfort food, breakfast food. LOVE.
Bohemia Bagel

Three eggs scrambled with spinach and tomatoes then topped with cream cheese, American bacon, hash browns and mini bagel.
Bohemia Bagel

Charles IV Stack
Two fried eggs, American bacon, sausage patties, two American pancakes, 100% maple syrup, butter and mini bagel.
Bohemia Bagel

Bohemia Bagel
Mala Strana, Prague

Life / Slovak Republic / Writing


Today I slipped on a rain puddle, hit my foot, and my shoe flew and got run over by the tram. I had to hobble to Tesco (wearing the torn-up shoe) and buy slippers. After the ordeal I almost passed out in church, it was the first time that I felt this way I think. I was feeling very warm and I couldn’t breath and my vision had blurred. It probably is my body’s way of coping with the physical trauma. It turned out to be a fifth metatarsal fracture.

edit: I’d like to thank Doc Remo who willingly answered my email questions!