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Date archives April 2008


Don’t Let It Bring You Down

I’ve always been negative in a lot of things, and I find much difficulty in seeing the positive. It’s hard to detach from these emotions even if you convince yourself again and again, that it’s nothing personal. Sometimes I just want to end it, because of certain situations, because of how it makes me feel about myself, how dispensable I appear, how it crushes my ego, how I feel I’ll never be good enough, how no one really looks out for me, how I feel like people are out to get me, how I always need to prove something before I feel good about myself. I don’t know, I just want to let these things out.


I have a large gut.

I found a few posts on pinoyexchange.com about how people find my food pictures. I have collected and posted a lot since I started to document what I eat. That was more than two years ago.

This girl’s got the magic eye!

WOW, those are amazing food shots. She must have a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management.

^ or a large gut…