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Grüß Gott!

Grüß Gott!

I went there not expecting anything, a bit uneasy because I was– in my book, unprepared. I haven’t really read up on the history and the places, and I just deplore being an ignorant traveler like that. Or, okay… tourist.

I thought it was just another snotty ‘royal’ city, but surprisingly I ended up falling in love. I hope to be back and actually go inside the museums and palaces, and perhaps fulfill these petty, pretentious dreams:

  1. See Klimt’s Der Kuß and Judith at Belvedere
  2. Visit the Kaiserappartements
  3. Get on the Riesenrad at Prater.
  4. Go to a real kaffeehaus and have a latte and big delicious cream cake or sachertorte
  5. See the Boys’ Choir
  6. Mozart’s home or the Freud museum
  7. Hundertwasserhaus (by the Austrian Gaudí)
  8. Schloss Schönbrunn and the gloriette

Just putting things onto digital paper, lest I forget.

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  1. Xristina

    Hey Frances!

    found your site thanks to your multiply post. Have you visited Vienna again? Sachertorte is a bit pricey but well worth it- especially when you get served by waiters all so dignified.

    Enjoy your travels and take lots of pictures!


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