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Kiong hee

Currently on work assignment. It was my first time to fly alone, the four flights (yes the company wants to save money that way) lasted around thirty hours, spanning three different time zones. It was tiring and disorienting to say the least. I’ve had a lot of misfortunes in the past week; postponed flights, switching to a less preferred airline, a delayed flight, an almost missed flight, getting lost in a massive German airport, rude airline crew, uncredited frequent flyer miles on ALL tiers, confiscated 55-dollar perfume, crashing laptops, missing my family, 2°C weather, internet-less apartment life, almost zero culinary skills.

Of course everything isn’t doom and gloom. I should stop whining and put these behind me now. Til here, you have a good one.

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  1. Tess

    Hi, girl! Thanks for visiting my blog, I’m not too sure if it could be called a blog as I don’t know when I could ever update it – I’m too busy doing all sort of things. What I missed though is being able to check on blogs like yours and keep that online friendship. I guess this is the purpose of my blog for now, a landing pad!
    Have fun in your new assignment and look forward to checking the sites via your perspectives, take care.


  2. Nette

    think of it as another country to explore & another adventure of yours 😉 look ahead to better things that is yet to happen. enjoy it while it lasts. take care!


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