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…and we’ll never be impossible

Everyone and their dog must know that Jens Lekman is my favourite musician ever. The genre is described as Swedish Indie Pop (but he sings mostly in English); and it may not for everyone, as I don’t even know a soul who likes him as much as I do.

Jens calms me like no other, takes me to a better place. His music is the only thing I can listen to for hours on end. Until he does a show somewhere near where I live, I must content myself with bootlegs– and he has posted a lovely recording from his Valentines show in Istanbul.

And this video from 2006 just kills me.

In other news, Gogol Bordello is having a show in April and I hope hope hope I can find someone who wants to see them as well. One would not understand the greatness that is Eugene Hutz (Gogol Bordello’s frontman) unless he sees Everything Is Illuminated. It would be great to be in the mosh pit as they play Gypsy Part of Town (my favourite from them) even if I’m ‘too old’ and ‘too corporate’ for that. But what the heck.

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Grüß Gott!

Grüß Gott!

I went there not expecting anything, a bit uneasy because I was– in my book, unprepared. I haven’t really read up on the history and the places, and I just deplore being an ignorant traveler like that. Or, okay… tourist.

I thought it was just another snotty ‘royal’ city, but surprisingly I ended up falling in love. I hope to be back and actually go inside the museums and palaces, and perhaps fulfill these petty, pretentious dreams:

  1. See Klimt’s Der Kuß and Judith at Belvedere
  2. Visit the Kaiserappartements
  3. Get on the Riesenrad at Prater.
  4. Go to a real kaffeehaus and have a latte and big delicious cream cake or sachertorte
  5. See the Boys’ Choir
  6. Mozart’s home or the Freud museum
  7. Hundertwasserhaus (by the Austrian Gaudí)
  8. Schloss Schönbrunn and the gloriette

Just putting things onto digital paper, lest I forget.


Kiong hee

Currently on work assignment. It was my first time to fly alone, the four flights (yes the company wants to save money that way) lasted around thirty hours, spanning three different time zones. It was tiring and disorienting to say the least. I’ve had a lot of misfortunes in the past week; postponed flights, switching to a less preferred airline, a delayed flight, an almost missed flight, getting lost in a massive German airport, rude airline crew, uncredited frequent flyer miles on ALL tiers, confiscated 55-dollar perfume, crashing laptops, missing my family, 2°C weather, internet-less apartment life, almost zero culinary skills.

Of course everything isn’t doom and gloom. I should stop whining and put these behind me now. Til here, you have a good one.