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I will no longer try to be your friend. I don’t know what has transpired between then and now that made you change, it must be something I did, it must be something you did, it must be some event that I am unaware of. I don’t understand at all; the alienation, unfair treatment, the obvious awkwardness in conversation (at your end), the elusiveness and erratic moods. After these months of trying, I will no longer care. I’ve had enough.

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  1. watson

    Frances, am I visiting your blog in a bad time? May kaaway ka yata :-).

    Just wanted to say, thanks for dropping by my blog and I just wanted to ask how much the Omron pedometer is. I think it’s expensive but it must be worth it!

  2. Nette

    i know exactly what you’re going through. been there, done that. all i can say is, since you cannot please everyone(cliche-ish as it may sound), just screw ’em, move on and be friends with people who’re worth your precious time.Ü i know it’s not the best advice, but it worked for me.Ü


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