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Sweet November

November has been incredibly good too me. For the longest time I have been feeling like a rotten person / daughter / employee / friend / relative / sister (and so on), that looking back at my good fortune these past few weeks I feel like I don’t deserve any of these things.


Red Ants

What’s your take on post-processed images? Admittedly (and I don’t deny it), I do it too, usually using Picasa. I make the colours more vibrant, then straighten and crop as needed. After acquiring my digital camera I realised that even in the best lighting conditions I am not quite satisfied with the slight washed-out quality of my pictures… and then Picasa came along, and it made everything easy-peasy.

Recent conversations and experiences made me feel defeated as some people / purists may consider post-processing ‘cheating.’ It is subjective opinion really, but from time to time I do feel that some people scoff at my images because it’s not real camera work.

At the end of the day I try to convince myself that in the real world, the end result is more important. You chose to go digital for a reason and editing is part of the digital photography process. I don’t want to take this too seriously or impose certain rules for myself.

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I started having cloudy vision early last night, while still at the office. It’s such a horrible feeling because you feel like you’re going blind. I was trying to read from my computer and the blurriness made me feel so nauseous. Apparently it was yet another migraine attack, which I thought I already outgrew around six years ago. Fifteen hours later I still feel woozy. I hope it really is just a migraine attack.

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I still have a backlog of pictures I’ve been meaning to post here. However I haven’t been motivated enough to sort through my files and write the accompanying text, tags, html code. The internet has changed my habits and shortened my attention span so much so that I cannot even sit through a 90-minute movie or finish my ever-growing reading list.
I’ll try this once more.