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This really pulls at my heartstrings, he’s alone, shaking, he can barely bite into his corncob, he can barely walk up the hill, and he reeks of urine. I saw him at church moments later, inside the Cave Church on Gellert Hill, to be precise. I wish old people never have to be alone like this.


Grand Market Hall, Budapest

The ground floor sells mostly produce and a variety of foodstuff– paprika, fruit, Hungarian sausages, and other cured meats. The second floor offers souvenirs, cafes and food stations. I had purchased a small can of foie gras (goose liver pâtĂ©) thinking it was only 1000 HUF, only to discover that it actually costs four times as much (that’s roughly $23). I am still not used to the way the Europeans write the number 4.


The Underground

The Budapest Metro is one of the oldest subway systems in the world, apparently the second ever built in Europe after the London Tube. Although the stations and most of the trains may be old (it began operation in 1896), they are tremendously efficient. Trains arrive every 4-5 minutes, and on rush hour, every 2-3 minutes.