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I can’t begin to imagine how painful it is for the affected people right now.  I can’t understand where the deep hate is coming from. Surely it mustn’t be that bad– look at the world, a lot of people are worst off. The company has provided you a lot of opportunities too. Admittedly there are problems in the system and that has been evident in the number of resignations. But it’s unfair that all the burden and the blame is on one person.

It’s simple, really. If gets so bad that you can’t stand it– leave, move on, be happy in another place. If you can’t stand it and you’re still here, making anonymous cheap shots because “it’s all you can do”, then what does that make you? You have the power to get yourself out of the hellhole that is your working life, unless your cowardice or ineptitude prevents you from doing so.

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