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“Understand that the Internet is not life nor does it make a good Second Life. It’s a part of life, but it needs to be in its place.

If you spend a lot of time on the Internet, remember this fact that is already in your subconscious: your life is limited. If your surfing habit does not change, imagine how you would feel looking back on life and seeing all the wasted time in things that mean nothing. The same holds true for video games, especially MMORPGs. Remember, all the loot you get, all the levels you attain, all the quests you complete and kobolds you slay, mean nothing when you log off. However, there is one thing that will change: you will be older than when you started.

— From 8 Things to Reduce Your Stress (A Geek Must-Read)

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  1. om narayan

    Hi! Stumbled on your blog through estanli’s site.

    Anyway, this is an interesting quote. Frankly, pretty harsh for someone who’s online 10 hours/day like me. But I’d say, there are different realms of reality, the internet being one, maybe. It’s interesting how it blurs the boundaries of realities. Just a thought!

  2. Michael

    ill be 30 seconds older when this comment is published, not that stumbling on your blog is a waste of time.

    ellez (hehe).. visit me at blankblots.wordpress.com =)

  3. jio

    Interesting nga for this post. I read some of the tips at the original site. So far I was able to do the first one (get out of debt, yay). Now I need to get off the ‘net. Haha.

    Nice find.


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